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Swamp Things: A podcast about the Florida Gators

Aug 30, 2022

Nearly nine months since his arrival, Napier will coach his first game at Florida. Enthusiasm is high for his Gators’ debut, but the No. 7 Utes pose an immense challenge — particularly for a season opener.

  • Week 1: ‘We’re going to find out a lot FAST’ (1:12)
  • Expectations: A disciplined team (4:04)
  • Rebuilding confidence (10:34)
  • ‘Utah is a carrot’ (15:08)
  • Defensive, offensive lines (20:34)
  • Anthony Richardson: Stay healthy, dynamic (22:42)
  • Can PAC-12 team beat an SEC team? (29:25)
  • Urban Meyer twist (35:06)
  • SEC: Pick Six (41:57)