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Swamp Things: A podcast about the Florida Gators

Mar 26, 2020

Even though there are no sports being played, we can still discuss Gators athletics.

We talk about the (hopefully) upcoming football season and the challenges that will be facing the Gators as the time lost to the Covid-19 pandemic increases.

What might a preseason look like and how difficult is it for coaches right now to not be able to control things in the program that they like to.

We also look back on the roller coaster basketball season and wonder what the roster might look like next year as several Gators could test the pro waters. 

And we lament the lost of the spring sports season and the strong UF teams that won't get a chance to compete for more national titles.

We wish everybody good health and comfort during this tough time and hope that a little break to think about the Gators is helpful.