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Swamp Things: A podcast about the Florida Gators

Apr 14, 2023

Was the annual Orange and Blue game a bad night for Billy Napier’s offense or a sign of things to come for Austin Armstrong’s defense? Perhaps it was a little bit of both. Whatever the case, the lowest-scoring spring game on record raised eyebrows and questions about Florida’s attack and offered hope for an embattled D. Mark and Edgar break it down during the latest Swamp Things, while tossing in a little bit of Gators’ basketball, baseball and gymnastics.

  • It looks like Gators are in trouble (3:41)
  • Defense: Depth and talent (8:20)
  • QB: Past, present, future (18:00)
  • Portal planning (21:31)
  • Finding an identity (26:13)
  • NIL: Florida Victorious (32:16)
  • Spring game did not inspire hope (40:00)
  • Men’s basketball: Portal picks (43:09)
  • Jeremy Foley’s Corner: Gymnastics & baseball (52:38)
  • Florida Victorious townhall (59:55)