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Swamp Things: A podcast about the Florida Gators

May 5, 2023

Florida landed Michigan safety R.J. Moten, the first signing from the spring transfer portal and a Gators’ legacy. Whether anyone will follow him has spurred discussion. Napier and Co. don’t bring just anyone to Gainesville, relying on a measured, methodical approach at a time when quick decisions are the norm. Anyone who makes the cut hopes to one day reach the NFL. On Days 2 and 3 of the draft, several Gators joined first-round pick Anthony Richardson at the next level. Few Florida hitters have reached the rare air of Jac Caglianone and Skylar Wallace. The record-setting sluggers continue their assault of the school’s record book and national player of the year campaigns. During the latest Swamp Things, Edgar and Mark take the bully pulpit themselves on the eve of the Kentucky Derby.

  • Kentucky Derby (2:11)
  • Portal angst (7:45)
  • Billy Napier evaluations (18:27)
  • Scholarships awarded (25:26)
  • Gators in NFL Draft (28:51)
  • College football playoff schedule(44:32)
  • Jeremy Foley’s Corner (50:00)