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Swamp Things: A podcast about the Florida Gators

Oct 24, 2022

Coach Billy Napier and the Gators face their biggest test of a challenging season Saturday in Jacksonville against the rival Bulldogs. A matchup with the reigning national champions offers a golden opportunity but quickly could turn into a reality check. Napier’s first meeting with Kirby Smart will provide a firsthand look at the program Florida is chasing. It might not be pretty. 

  • Measuring stick game (:42 )
  • Georgia coming from all angles (6:36)
  • Gators need a perfect game to win (9:39)
  • Georgia expectations (14:00)
  • Anthony Richardson needs to get his head in game (17:20)
  • Billy Napier’s frustrations (19:32)
  • Recruiting: ‘It’s going to get better’ (25:37)
  • ‘Before it gets better it could get worse’ (37:15)
  • Jeremy Foley’s Corner: Women’s soccer (39:59)
  • SEC Pick Six (45:30)
  • Will future games be in Jacksonville? (52:58)