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Swamp Things: A podcast about the Florida Gators

Jun 4, 2024

Last week’s SEC Spring Meetings in Destin painted a challenging financial future, even for a UF program among the nation’s healthiest and wealthiest. Coach Billy Napier will likely have to adjust his master plan due to the inevitable revenue increases and cost-cutting measures spurred by the House v. NCAA $2.77 billion settlement. Amid important discussions and decisions about what’s to come, June is the time to shine for the nation’s top baseball and softball programs. After a forgettable season, the Gators advanced to the Super Regionals in baseball for the 10th time under Kevin O’Sullivan. Meanwhile, Tim Walton’s softball program reached its first WCWS semifinal since 2017. During the latest Swamp Things, Mark and Edgar discuss the Gators’ postseason success and the uncertainty surrounding college athletics.

  • Baseball (:00)
  • Softball (12:44)
  • Football: Cutting costs, increasing revenue (23:00)
  • Selling sponsorships on field/uniforms (28:27)
  • Stadium improvements are key (37:44)
  • Cut staff, trim rosters? (39:59)
  • UF President Sasse embraces “Rudy” (50:58)
  • Title IX: Compensation model (53:48)
  • Collectives should go away but won’t (56:01)
  • 2025 College Football Hall of Fame candidates (57:38)
  • Jeremy Foley’s Corner: Mike Holloway (1:03:09)