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Swamp Things: A podcast about the Florida Gators

Sep 5, 2023

Billy Napier took accountability for last week’s season-opening flop at Utah. But just one game into Year 2 Florida’s coach finds himself facing questions about his play calling, special teams approach and the Gators’ continued mental errors. Week 1 overreaction, perhaps, but Napier is now 6-8 and behind the 8-ball. During the latest Swamp Things, Mark serves as the voice of reason while Edgar can’t help but wonder where this season and program are headed after seeing one too many UF coaches come and go.

  • '5-alarm fire on his hands’ (:24)
  • Napier on losing (6:20)
  • Play calling is predictable (13:30)
  • Turning the screws to Napier (18:55)
  • Special teams debacle (25:00)
  • ‘Things gotta change’ (30:12)
  • Positive: Defense (35:39)
  • 'Behind the eight ball’ (47:07)
  • Jeremy Foley’s Corner (49:26)